Police Officer Helps Family In Need

While patrolling a Georgia neighborhood last month during the freezing winter weather, Sergeant Kasey Suddath with the Savannah Police Department spotted three young girls aged 6, 8, & 9, walking to school in clothes that were too small and not weather appropriate. So she found out where they lived and got to know their story, and now she’s committed to helping their family.

The girls are living with their 17-year-old sister and grandmother, who’s dealing with her own health issues. Their mom died a few years ago. Their home had no hot water, heat, or a stove for a long time, so Sgt. Suddath stepped up to help provide basic needs that were missing. She’s donated clothes to the girls, given the grandma a new cane, and got a local plumber to donate and install a water heater.

Sgt. Suddath says this is just the beginning of a long friendship with this family. “I kind of got into this … to make a difference to at least one person. That’s all I can do,” she explains. “My whole career is just to make a difference to one person, a genuine difference, I know that’s my purpose.”

If you would like to get involved in Suddath's efforts, you can call the Savannah Police Department Public Affairs Office at (912) 651-6666 or email scmpdpublicaffairs@savannahga.gov. 

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