Catfish story ends in love

Emma Perrier was searching for love on a site called Zoosk. One guy reached out to her named Ronnie. He was an electrician who lived about 100 miles away. She and Ronnie began conversing on e-mail and then on the phone. They were both lonely 30 somethings working blue collar jobs. Emma was falling in love with Ronnie. She started pushing for a face to face. Ronnie made lots of excuses. 

Turns out Ronnie was a character created in the mind of Alan Stanley, a balding, 53-year-old decorator of retail stores. His marriage of 22 years had ended recently and the Alan profile wasn't getting any hits, so he created Ronnie. 

Alan confessed as best he could. “Everything I told you about me, apart from who I was, and the age, was true.” She met him and tried to give him a chance but the fact that he had lied from the beginning meant she could never trust him. So she ended it. She also Google image searched one of his photos that he had posted. The man in the photographs was a model and actor from Turkey, called Adem Guzel. 

She sent an e-mail explaining that a guy in England was catfishing women with his photo. When he heard how Alan had tricked Emma, Adem was furious. He actually called her to thank her. Emma asked if he'd like to Skype call? She was so excited he said yes. 

 “I never do FaceTiming,” Adem said. “But somehow I wanted to do it with her.” “You are so real,” Emma said, crying. “You really exist!” Emma texted with him for a while and then invited Adem to London.  “It wasn’t to flirt, believe me,” Emma insisted. Adem said yes immediately. He was curious to meet this beautiful French girl, in London!

They were both very nervous on their first date. Adems hands were visibly shaking as he attempted to eat in the restaurant. They took a long walk around London. When the end of the date was approaching she called him an Uber. When he stepped off the curb to get in he looked back and she kissed him. 

“Three minutes later I felt like I know her a long time,” Adem said. The spark was undeniable. She gave him a key to her apartment, and together they discovered the city like tourists, goofing around with a selfie stick. Later, when Adem opened his suitcase, Emma spotted the leather jacket from her favorite photograph, and felt starstruck. And Adem couldn’t believe his luck—his soul mate had appeared in his inbox as if by magic.

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