A few months ago we were introduced to Eliza O'Neill a 4 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with Sanfillipo Syndrome. It's a rare disease that shows up in about 2000 kids per year around the world. Because of that it has taken a backseat to funding of diseases that effect many more children. But the O'Neill's and the 2000 other families who hear that diagnosis every year it is devastating. It's usually diagnosed between the ages of 2 & 6. The neurologic degeneration occurs in most patients between 6 and 10 years of age, and death occurs typically during the second or third decade of life. In Ohio there's a group of scientists who have had success treating animals Sanfillipo Syndrome. The next stage is to try it on humans. Our hope is to get Eliza into that test. The family needs to raise 1.8 million dollars. They have raised just over a million so far but time is running out. If they don't get Eliza in before the disease begins to degenerate her, it will be too late. Her dad was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. That has raised over 15 million so far. He created the #Sing2Lines in the hope people would challenge their friends on social media and get the word out about Eliza. They need about $700,000 and they need it just over a month. We're doing it. Kelly did it over the weekend. Here's Jonathon doing it. We hope you'll do it too.