There are some things you can do to help speed up your phone if its moving slower these days. If you've gone to settings and made sure you have the most recent update. Here are you next moves.

According to Agent CEO Kulveer Taggar [], an expert on smartphone optimization, every smartphone owner can improve their phone's speed, organization, and battery life this Spring in under 5 minutes:

STEP #1: STOP HOARDING FORGOTTEN APPS Delete the apps on your smartphone that you haven't used in the past three months.

STEP #2: CLEAN UP LOCATION PERMISSIONS Turn off location updates for apps that constantly access your GPS and burn through your battery life.

STEP #3: GET RID OF OLD PHOTOS + CONTACTS You probably don't need a photo of last month's ham sandwich or the phone number of that blind date your mom set up.

STEP #4: ORGANIZE NOTIFICATION SETTINGS Disabling unimportant push notifications can save you stress and endless interruptions.

STEP #5: TIDY UP BACKGROUND REFRESHING Prevent apps that update themselves repeatedly from making your smartphone sluggish and battery depleted.

If those steps don't help, maybe it's time to check to see if you are entitled to an upgrade on your account. Good luck. MichaelJ