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Listen to what our clients have to say about advertising with iHeartMedia Columbia...

  Paper Pro Senior Event
The Palmetto Senior Show is held each January at the Cantey Building in Columbia, SC. The show has been going on for twenty five years and much of it's success is attributed to it's radio and internet advertising. Thanks to Debra Jackson and iHeartMedia, we reached the masses with efficient, reasonably priced commercials.
  Jack Oliver's Pool, Spa & Patio
When I started with iHeartMedia years ago I was only on 560am. Through the years I have added additional stations as my business has grown. I am now on WCOS, WLTY, WVOC and WXBT. Radio has been an important part of my marketing strategy and definitely helped me to grow my business successfully. - Jack Oliver
  Essex Homes
Essex Homes is the Midland’s locally owned largest builder in large part because of the success with iHeartMedia Columbia.  Essex Homes has had for years amazing results using all levels of iHeartMedia from endorsements with Jonathon Rush, jingle creation, digital, IHeartRadio, promotions, Best Gamecock Coverage, and on air commercials.  iHeartMedia Senior Account Manager Brett Tackett has been there every step of the way walking them through the very start of their marketing plan since 2009.
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  Catz Formal Wear
My response from advertising on WCOS for prom has been exceptional. The very specific and creative messaging was no doubt the key. Nikie Smith listened to my challenges and managed to address those thoroughly. As a result, I had record setting days and will likely be using radio exclusively in 2014. - Tammy
  Woodley's Garden Center
Woodley's Garden Center is a household name and has been due to radio for years in the Midlands. From when to plant to buying a plant, Rick and his team can help in two amazing locations. Recently Rick and Jonathan Rush have teamed up to take the campaign to the next level.
ServiceMaster Building Maintenance is here to serve your business's cleaning needs. Service with excellence and competitive pricing. Thanks to iHeartMedia we get a good bang for our advertising buck. - Tom Weeks
  Frank's Discount Tire
Frank’s Discount Tire is one of the most recognized local businesses because of years of consistency of using radio and iHeartMedia Columbia.  From a great jingle to strong creative Frank’s Discount Tire has seeing massive growth in business and locations.  Frank’s Discount Tire uses IHeartRadio, digital banner ads, and on air commercials on a monthly bases.  iHeartMedia Senior Account Manager Brett Tackett has been working with Frank’s Discount Tire for more than 7 years.
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  Forest Acers Farmers Market
Forest Acres has been serving the community for five years. Thank you iHeartMedia for making a difference for our vendors and customers. We appreciate the service and creative we have been given.
  John Deere
John Deere is proud to have brought John Deere quality to its customers for over 50 years. From everyone at John Deere, we would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty. We would also like to thank iHeartMedia for all their hard work. We look forward to the future working with Debra Jackson and iHeartMedia. Thanks again, you are all Deere to us.
  LR Sweet Potato Festival
April 26th was a great day for the Lower Richland Community. It was a day of parades, bands, vendors, carnival rides and sweet potato everything! Mrs. Athena Jackson, festival coordinator says she has used WNOK-FM for years to promote the event with continued success. This year's attendance was increased by several thousand attendees. She also added WCO-AM for increased reach. Mrs. Jackson looks forward to using iHeartMedia next year for even a larger turnout.
  Cosmic Rays Comics
A new business is taking over the city by leaps and bounds. It is not a bird and it's not a plane, it's Cosmic Rays Comics! As a new store they tried all types of advertising, with little results. After a year, Cosmic Rays signed on for an integrated marketing plan from iHeartMedia using Steve-FM, iHeart Radio and digital banners. Store manager, Ray Hunter, expressed that this campaign brought them the best results compared to any other medium. He is excited to begin his next campaign late this summer.
  SC Homes & Land Realty
Lance Woodley of South Carolina Homes & Land Realty has seen his business grow consistently year-over-year. He attributes that success to the use of endorsement advertising. He started with endorsements on WVOC-FM with Glenn Beck, and has added endorsements on WCOS-FM and WVOC-FM with Jonathan Rush. The result has been consistent year-over-year growth and his team has been exceeding their budget expectations.

Aaron Shealy Allstate
Aaron Shealy Allstate has been working with iHeartMedia since 2014. He has participated in the Total Traffic and Weather Network, which he has found makes his phones ring off the hook. Aaron is very pleased with his advertising choice.


Grace Community Church
Grace Community Church has been advertising with WVOC since 2013 and has seen great results, as in new members of the community checking out their new church and even growing their congregation. WVOC help by offering a multimedia campaign and make sure they reached a broad range of people in the midlands.


Music Makers
Jana with The Music Makers in Irmo, is a new client to iHeartMedia and was very impressed with the professionalism of her account Executive Mary Bailey and the quality of the commercials production was able to produce, for her. Jana felt very comfortable with the whole process.

  Sincerely Yours, INC.
Sincerely Yours has been advertising with iHeartMedia for over a year now and have seen great results. The way their marketing is set up they have what they call radio week where their phones do nothing but ring off the hook. They were so impressed with their marketing they have decided to team up with Jonathan Rush to take their campaign to the next level.
Greg Killgore States, “I have been marketing RSVP Columbia with WVOC for over ten years. They reach our target prospects and I can always rely on my phone to ring when my ads run.” Greg has worked with several iHeartMedia markets and has always been pleased with everything from production to placement of his ads.
  Gilbert Middle School
Gilbert Middle School’s PTA use WCOS for their Fundraiser, The 5k Color Run this past March. They did a live remote and a commercial schedule. They were expecting about 600 runners and they had over 1200 runners show up to make their event a success! They were very pleased with how much they were able to donate. 
We have used iHeartMedia consistently for years and our customers always respond well to the specials we offer.
  Love Buick GMC
We started using iHeartMedia and we immediately saw an increase in the number of vehicles sold.
  Clayton Homes
We love the response we receive from our iHeartMedia listeners.  We have many responses from Kelly Nash’s endorsements and he does a great job for us.
  Herndon Chevrolet
We use iHeartMedia every month to move our trucks.  Being in Lexington means using the right tools to get to the customer and iHeartMedia delivers that for us.
  Jim Hudson Ford
With all the different brands that we provide it is an integral part of our business model to reach all  different types of buyers.  iHeartMedia is an excellent partner in achieving these goals.
  Pope Davis Tire & Automotive
We have seen a huge increase in business which we directly attribute to iHeartMedia.  They are not only and advertising vehicle but we consider them a business partner.
  Lexington Discount Homes
We’ve been in business for a long time now, and we’ve seen a lot of changes in our market over the past few years.  Debra and iHeartMedia have been the only ones who really take the time to understand my business, instead of just trying to put a few dollars extra in their pockets.  We pride ourselves on providing quality homes at great prices to our customers, and we’re proud to work with iHeartMedia because they understand quality and value
  SC Vapors
Our store just opened and the very first week we were getting feedback about our commercials. We weren't sure how soon it would take for people to associate our business with what we were hearing on the radio, but it was almost immediate! - Vito
  Gilbert Paint & Body
Heather and Jimmy Black, owners of Gilbert Paint and Body, have seen amazing results using iHeartMedia Columbia.   Proof that even a small business with one location can have great success using radio.  Gilbert Paint and Body has seen greater results each every year they’ve advertised with iHeartMedia Columbia.  From a great jingle, to setting up an endorsement with Kelly Nash iHeartMedia Senior Account Manager Brett Tackett has been there every step of the way.
  Griffin Pools & Spas
Griffin Pools and Spas is South Carolina’s largest locally owned pool and spa company in large part because of the consistent success of using iHeartMedia Columbia.   Griffin Pools and Spas has had for years amazing results using all levels of iHeartMedia from endorsements with Jonathon Rush, digital, IHeartRadio, promotions, and on air commercials.  iHeartMedia Senior Account Manager Brett Tackett has been there every step of the way since 2008.
  Irmo Insurance Agency
Irmo Insurance agency has been in business for over 30 years.  Founded by Mr. Bob Moseley the business is now in the capable hands of the second generation, Mr. Scott Moseley.  Scott reports that his current iHeartMedia campaign on WVOC-FM has created a lot of activity.  He is also very pleased with the support he gets from the office staff at iHeartMedia, providing him with a positive experience.
  Bilton Lincoln
Bilton Lincoln in Sumter is one of our newest members of team iHeartMedia Columbia.  They are expecting big things.  Our stations not just service metro, but all the Midlands and surrounding areas.  They also wanted to remind you to visit them in Sumter or on line if you are looking for a new automobile.

Absolute Glass
Absolute Glass is locally owned and operated by MaryAnne and Ray Jones.  WVOC has been a staple of their advertising for the last 6 years, as they have seen their business grow steadily from the beginning. So much so, that they recently added another Auto Glass technician to their fleet!


Brown Motor Works
Owned and operated by late-model-stock racecar driver R.A Brown, Brown Motor Works has led the way in high-end auto repair in Columbia.  Whom else would you trust your BMW, Lexus, Volvo or other high-end car repair to other than a race-car driver? The Total Traffic Network has led them to a record revenue year in 2014!


Columbia Metropolitan Airport
The Columbia Metropolitan Airport, or “CAE” has used WVOC to target their business travelers, while using WCOS for all of their general travel advertising.  When you think of flying to your destination, fly locally! After all, their slogan is “Fly With Ease!”


Lexington Firearms and Gunworks
After moving to a higher-traffic location on 378 in Lexington, Lexington Firearms and Gunworks needed to pull in customers for their awesome selection and expertise in guns and ammo.  They turned to WVOC to target gun-enthusiasts and anyone wanting to get their gun permit. “We can definitely tell when we’re on the radio, and when we’re not.” – Hans Miller (Owner)


Palmetto Lifeline
Through adoption, education and rescue, Palmetto Lifeline is solving the problem of homeless pets in the Midlands.  They have enlisted the help of Steve-Fm and WCOS to educate consumers on Spay/Neuter clinics, as well as adopting a pet!


Platos Closet
Platos Closet has depended on WNOK to target their young-adult demographic for the past 6 years. They solve the problem of budgeting for a wardrobe with their gently used merchandise at FABULOUS prices!  Platos Closet partners with WNOK for their sidewalk sales, where they give up to 75% off!


Thunder Tower Harley-Davison
Thunder Tower Harley Davidson is Columbia’s most awesome motorcycle dealership!  They use WCOS to drive traffic to their website and store location, and recorded a record sales month in March!  WCOS drove 300+ plus listeners to their “Days of Thunder” Event. Make sure and listen for their Tent Sales, where you can save some cash!


Honda of Columbia
At Honda of Columbia we use iHeartMedia as an integral part of our marketing strategy. We take pride in our products and our team. Using multiple stations at iHeartMedia helps us share that message and drive traffic to our showroom. -William Shuping Vice President.


Dr. Energy Saver
Dr. Energy Saver has advertised on 96.7 Steve-FM, 100.1 WVOC and 560 The Team since 2011.  They have enjoyed great success in reaching homeowners and helping those homeowners resolve issues with hot or cold rooms, insulation, crawl space, energy efficiency and more.  Click the picture of William Cantey (aka as Dr. Energy Saver) to learn more. 


Sylvan's Jewelers
Sylvan’s Jewelers has been a part of Main Street in Columbia since 1897.  Their history is rich as a leading jeweler in South Carolina.  They began advertising on 104.7 WNOK in 2008 and have enjoyed great success sharing their story with a new generation of customers.   Click their staff picture to learn more.


Hay Hill Garden Market
Hay Hill Garden Market began an endorsement campaign with Kelly Nash on 97.5 WCOS in the Fall of 2013.  Kelly enjoys sharing with his listeners all the neat gift ideas at the Hay Hill Garden Market for gardens, grilling, landscape and more!  Click the picture of Hay Hill’s owner, Fred Gantt, to learn more.


Lazy Creek
Lazy Creek Discount Pet Supplies and Grooming began advertising with 104.7 WNOK in 1998 and continues today on 96.7 Steve-FM and 97.5 WCOS.  Lazy Creek has enjoyed great success growing their Lexington and Leesville stores as well as their Palmetto Pet Resort in West Columbia.  Click the picture of Bradley Newton and the Lazy Creek crew to learn more.


Automotive Cosmetics Group
Automotive Cosmetics Group began advertising with 97.5 WCOS and Steve-FM for their grand opening in April, 2014.  They experienced strong growth from the very beginning and are excited to help so many local residents with dent removal, interior reconditioning, upholstery needs and auto painting.  Click their picture to learn more.


Gaston Pools, LLC
(Ben & Stephanie Rugman) “Gaston Pools is a true family business.  We welcome you and your family to join ours here at our new store on Meadowfield Road.  Kids are always welcome, even the young at heart"!  Whether you have a question about your pool or you want to purchase a pool, they work with you on finding the right one for your needs. Gaston Pools is, also, the midlands only retailer of Radiant insulated in-ground, partially in-ground or above ground pools. (Ben) “Our relationship with iHeartMedia has been instrumental in our growth. The response began almost overnight and listeners continue to call, long after our seasonal advertising is completed.”


Mack Heating and Cooling
Mack Heating and Cooling is a local, family business. Founded in 1988, Mack offers a wide range of products and services for residential and commercial customers. Mack offers Heating and AC Repair, AC Replacement, New Construction Installation, with all makes and models. They also take care of water heater repairs and replacement and offer Rinnai tank less water heater installation. (Kim Mack) “iHeartMedia knows how to make the phones ring. Our relationship has been and continues to be a great investment for our business”


The Meat 'N Place at Caughmans
Founded in 1955 by Billy Caughman, Caughman’s Meat Plant and The Meat ‘n Place at Caughman’s continues to be family owned and operated. Caughman’s provides products for stores, restaurants and, through the Meat ‘n Place, many longtime Lexington county residents have grown up shopping at Caughman’s. “Even after 60 years in business, consistent advertising with iHeartMedia has been and continues to play a key role in our success”


Creative Tile
Creative Tile is a comprehensive tile distribution and retail center with two Columbia locations and over 70 years combined experience in the tile industry. We help our customers find just the right tile products to add charm, style, and distinction to their homes and businesses. We love what we do, and it shows in the one-on-one, client-focused service that has been our hallmark. With free design consultations in our store and inexpensive in-home consults, we can really pull your home together.


The Office Place
The Office Place has advertised with 100.1 WVOC for many years and began a new endorsement campaign with Kelly Nash in November, 2013 to help promote their new location on Greystone Boulevard.  They’ve enjoyed great success with the new campaign.  Click their staff picture to learn more.


Mungo Homes
Mungo Homes is currently celebrating 60 years of building homes in the midlands.  They’ve advertised on 104.7 WNOK and 97.5 WCOS for decades and during the past decade on 96.7 Steve-FM.  Mungo is also the exclusive sponsor of the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas!  Click the picture of Stewart and Steven Mungo to learn more.


Reeley's Body Shop
Reeley’s Body Shop is a direct repair facility with over 80 years of collision repair experience. Our technicians are factory trained, I-Car certified and will pay special attention to detail and provide fair, honest, reliable service. Experienced frame and unibody experts, Reeley’s offers everything from auto repair and computerized color matching to complete body repair on all vehicles. (M. Todd Cullum / Kevin Reeley) “Radio Works – We have comments all of the time. Through iHeartMedia, consumers learn that they do have a choice”


The Vacuum Center
Throughout our 44 year history at The Vacuum Center, we found that offering the best personal service coupled with the best products we could offer was the recipe for success. The only issue we faced was finding a way to make sure everyone knew that's what we did. Over the years we tried every form of advertisement available, from tell a friend to television, and absolutely nothing has worked better for us than Radio; iHeartMedia, in particular. Our iHeartMedia Representative has been instrumental in helping us find the right way to convey our message and find the right plan for us, so it can be heard year round. Will you hear our message on iHeartMedia Radio in the future? You can count on it!


The Oliver Gospel Mission
The Oliver Gospel Mission has worked with 100.1 WVOC, 560 The Team, 96.7 Steve-FM, 97.5 WCOS and Hallelujah 1400 AM for many years to reach out to our community.  Gary David (WVOC) enjoys telling his listeners about ways they can help the Oliver Gospel Mission move people from hopeless to transformed lives. Click the picture of their president Wayne Fields for more info.


Tru-Bilt Inc.
Tru Bilt has been in the home business for over 30 years. Over that time we've noticed a lot of media places come and go. Our customers want a builder who will be around for the long haul. iHeartMedia understands this and their record of success in Columbia makes us proud to be a partner with them. 


Columbia Plant & Flower Show
The Columbia Plant and Flower Show advertises their annual event on 97.5 WCOS.  The 2014 show, their third annual event, was a great success.  The event featured local plants, flowers, produce, gift ideas and a fundraiser for the Animal Protection League.  Click their picture to learn more.


Palmetto School & Career Development
Palmetto School and Career Development started as a one location dental assisting school. Now they have 8 locations in two states and are looking to expand to three other states.  Their main advertising choice?  iHeartMedia. Through a consistent presentence on air and digitally Palmetto School and Career Development has seen enrollment increase by up to 300%. iHeartMedia Senior Account Manager Brett Tackett has helped development and implement their marketing plan since 2012.

  Leisure Life Pools & Spas
We have been advertising with WCOS since the summer of 2013, and we have had such great success that we are getting ready to open a new location in Elgin to expand our reach in the Midlands. Thank you WCOS and Mary Bailey!



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